Happy Kids Yoga & Mindfulness for Schools


Online yoga lessons for schools.



Happy Kids Yoga has put together a number of recorded online yoga lessons perfect for primary aged kids. We are offering weekly videos for you to use in school or send out as part of your home learning, giving all kids the chance to practice yoga and mindfulness.
We have recorded a short snippet of one of our videos for you to have a look at. All videos will be hosted on a private You Tube channel, so perfectly safe for children to access.

We are offering a 6 week package of lessons to cover the next half term. This packages usually costs £250 but if you book by the 8th June you can have 6 weeks of lessons for just £147.
Each week you will receive:
  • 3 x Kids Yoga lessons – One session aimed at EYFS, one at KS1 and the other KS2 but everybody welcome to try any of the lessons. These lessons incorporate yoga to stretch and energise their bodies, mindfulness to calm their minds and fun to make them smile.
  • 5 x short videos – A daily dose of calm for anytime of day, to nourish their bodies, help them focus and teach skills to support mental health. These sessions are a mix of simple yoga flows, mindfulness and positive thinking.
Practicing yoga can help kids control their minds and their bodies. They will build flexibility, muscle tone and strength whilst managing any worries they might be feeling. They will also learn to be mindful and conscious of their breath and thought process. All this is done through fun stories, simple yoga flows, breathing and mindfulness techniques that will help them to feel happy and positive. Yoga can help children to manage their mental health now and in the future giving them skills to help them through their whole life.


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