Yoga & Mindfulness for Pre-School and Early Years – Full Nursery Group


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Happy Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training: Nurture Well-being for Your Entire Nursery Group! ‍♀️

Embark on a transformative journey with Happy Kids! Our pre-recorded online training is thoughtfully crafted for the entire nursery group, offering a holistic approach to foster well-being and positive development in your nursery.

What Awaits Your Nursery Group:

Tailored for Your Nursery Environment: Our training is designed with the unique dynamics of nurseries in mind. It seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, catering to the collective needs of your dedicated staff.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Empower your team with a curriculum covering foundational yoga poses, mindfulness activities, and age-appropriate techniques. Enhance physical well-being, support emotional resilience, and nurture a positive mindset in your young learners.

Accessible Learning for All: Whether your educators are seasoned yogis or beginners, our training is accessible for all levels. The easy-to-follow modules ensure that everyone can participate and lead with confidence.

Online Flexibility: Learn at your own pace and convenience with our pre-recorded online training. Accessible from any location, it accommodates the diverse schedules of your nursery team. Plus the training will be completed in just over an hour.

Certificate of Completion for Each Staff Member: Upon completing the training, each educator will receive an individual certificate of completion, acknowledging their commitment to promoting well-being in your nursery.

Exclusive Materials for Your Nurseries:

PDF Documents: Access informative PDF documents that deepen understanding of yoga and mindfulness practices.

Specially Designed Poster for the Nursery Wall: Receive a specially designed poster, serving as a visual guide to the practices learned in the training. Enrich your nursery environment with this delightful addition.

Full Manual: A comprehensive manual accompanies the training, providing in-depth insights and serving as a valuable reference for continuous professional development.

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Invest in the collective well-being of your nursery community with Happy Kids Yoga and Mindfulness. Let’s create a positive impact, one mindful moment at a time!


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