Yoga & Mindfulness for Pre-School and Early Years Teachers


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Happy Kids Yoga and Mindfulness pre-recorded online training for pre-school and early years teachers, parents and carers.  Focusing on introducing yoga and mindfulness into their daily timetable.

With the many changes to guidelines in schools and nurseries plus the introduction of social distancing – this course will be a valuable resource for teachers.  We will teach you how to deliver yoga and mindfulness in the classroom and outside.  Through games, yoga poses and simple breathing practice suitable for even the youngest kids .

We believe that the younger you can introduce these skills to kids the better, giving them a lifelong tool kit that they can use in all aspects of their life.  They will know exactly what to do when a situation arises where they need to calm down, feel more positive or just relax their bodies.

The activities taught in this class are great for outdoors as the kids can be 2m apart but engaging in something really fun yet beneficial for them and you!   This training was initially developed  for a Forest School pre-school so all the activities are based outside and with a nature theme!

If you would like to benefit from this fun, yet relaxing hour and a bit session, no yoga experience necessary, please book here. The cost is £25 per person and for this you will receive the training, plus a full manual and poster for the wall as PDF. Everybody will also be invited to a private Facebook group for ongoing support.


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