Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing for Primary School Children and Teaching Staff





Due to the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, schools and educational institutions around the UK have had to demonstrate incredible perseverance, resourcefulness, and inventiveness in the face of adversity.
There has been a significant impact of the pandemic on the mental health and well-being of children and teaching staff. According to a NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union report, during the pandemic nearly one-third of all teachers (27%) consulted a doctor or medical expert for support with the negative impact on their mental and physical health caused by their job.
Further findings from the report saw 81% of teachers surveyed witnessing an increase in the workplace stress in the last year, and nearly half (48%) said their profession had harmed their physical health. 23% of teaching staff stated they used medication to help them manage, 12% outlined they sought counseling for further support, and 9% used or increased their use of antidepressant pills.
In May 2021, the Department for Education and Ofsted introduced the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter as a statement of support for, and with a set of pledges to, the well-being and mental health of everyone working in education. There are 11 commitments on education staff well-being including prioritising staff mental health, driving down the unnecessary workload and creating a good behavior culture.
This course will give school staff yoga and mindfulness techniques to support not just the children in the classroom but also themselves.
Often adults don’t take the time to learn how to help their own mental health but jump at the chance to help the kids in their care. Cleverly during this course, we learn techniques that can be used by both teachers and pupils.



Jen Hoe, company owner of Happy Kids Yoga: Bringing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and staff.

    • Introduction to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children
    • How to use yoga and mindfulness within the classroom to increase focus, confidence, and positivity
    • A chance to participate with peers to see how yoga and mindfulness can benefit you as adults
    • Explore the benefits of meditation for children and adults
    • Discover the importance of teaching children to express their feelings in a positive and constructive way
    • Review the course resources and how they will support you in delivering yoga and mindfulness in the classroom



All staff within a primary school setting will benefit from the tools taught within this session. Not only does the training help the staff to support the kids it also gives the staff tools to support themselves.


Learning Outcomes

    • Discover the tools to bring yoga and mindfulness into the classroom daily in simple, short activities
    • Learn how to help children feel calmer through breath work and movement
    • Explore new classroom management techniques that are more positive for children and staff
    • Understand new ways for children to express their feelings in a creative way
    • Discover ways to build peer to peer communication
    • Learn about the power of meditation for children



    • A positive topic to bring to any staff meeting, increasing job satisfaction
    • Through the learning opportunities and sharing of best practices, you will be able to implement improvements in your classrooms
    • Learn how to increase focus, confidence, and positivity in the classroom
    • Understand ways to help children express their feelings in a productive way
    • Shows parents you are making their children’s mental health and wellbeing top of your agenda



    • The session lasts about an hour and a half and can be run online. Teachers will receive a pack of resources including manuals, posters for the classroom wall, and timetables.
    • In the package, your school will receive both the online session for all your staff including all resources, and 6 weeks of recorded yoga sessions which include a session for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 each week plus 5 shorts videos every week that can be watched daily.
    • If you are interested in booking this for your school you can either pay online or I can send an invoice to the school and we can then book a suitable date to run the session.
    • If you would like to discuss this further please email me at or call 07514273647