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Happy Kids Yoga classes are exciting, creative and calming, combining fitness, fun and relaxation in each unique class. We combine yoga and mindfulness to encourage kids to grow in confidence and to the best of their ability. We will stretch your child’s imagination providing an alternative to the performance-driven environment in which many children live today.

Each session is 30 – 45 minutes and takes children aged between 2.5 and 12 on an imaginary adventure, which they act out using Yoga postures. They release physical tension from the body by stretching and practicing calming breathing exercises before lying down for a relaxing ‘eyes closed story’. The children will love having the chance to use their imaginations in this way, class journeys include flying on magic carpets, swimming with dolphins and riding on Santa‘s sleigh at Christmas. The magic lies in the fact that whilst children are having great fun they are also improving their health and studies have shown their academic ability.

If you are interested in more information or would like me to come into your school or nursery please get in touch via the inquiry form…


Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing for Primary School Children and Teaching Staff

This course will give school staff yoga and mindfulness techniques to support not just the children in the classroom but also themselves.

What our customers say...

Jo and Cora Happy Kids Yoga customer

Jo and Cora

“I like it when we do the snake, and the doggy (ruff ruff!!) but best of all I like my teacher” Cora, aged 5

“As a yoga fan I was excited to learn about yoga classes for children, but I wondered how they would get children into positions without them getting bored or running around. My daughter asked me to stay for the first class and I saw how engaged the children were in the experience. Jen is a fantastic teacher and I can’t recommend her classes enough!”

Vicky Carroll Happy Kids Yoga customer

Vicky Carroll

“My daughters, 6 and 8 have just started yoga classes and are loving them! My older one had a bit of a wobble during the first session but Jen has been great with her even trying to adapt the class to suit her. It’s great to find something different for the girls to do and they have been practising yoga poses all week! Jen is lovely and friendly and a natural with the children. Would definitely recommend these classes xx”

Ceridwen Davies Happy Kids Yoga customer

Ceridwen Davies

“My 5 year old goes to Jen’s Thursday class and absolutely loves it. She looks forward to going and never wants to leave, after the class she is relaxed and happy. Jen is an excellent teacher who takes them on a journey of imagination while still getting all the benefits of yoga. We 100% recommend this class.”

Online classes at Home...


Online Yoga Classes

Interactive yoga sessions  your children can connect with me and practice yoga at home.