Privacy Policy

Happy Kids Yoga is a community-based organisation providing dance classes to young children and adults.

Protection of personal information and privacy is very important to Happy Kids Yoga. We will retain your information for the purpose of contacting you and will not share it with any other parties.

The information Happy Kids Yoga requires from you is your name, contact number and email address. This is to inform you of class dates, prices, important changes and payment reminders. This information will be retained in an electronic database and will be deleted when you no longer attend the classes. The information you give to Happy Kids Yoga will not be passed to other parties.

Your email addresses may be included in a group email with other members of your class.

Happy Kids Yoga will treat your data in accordance with GDPR regulations, store it securely and will not forward your information to other organisations. Happy Kids Yoga will use the information you provided to be in touch with you and to safeguard your engagement with us. You can withdraw consent or request a copy of any information held or indeed request full data removal by emailing or calling Jen Hoe on 07515273647.

During classes Happy Kids Yoga may take photos to publish on the website and social media platforms. Please make Happy Kids Yoga aware if you do not consent to your this.

By continuing to use this site you agree to the terms as laid out within this privacy policy.